The advantages of a cold foam mattress

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Hygiene: Due to the open pores of the cold foam, the mattress conducts the nighttime moisture well. At the same time, the air bubbles ensure good insulation. In cold foam mattress mites find no basis of life: Therefore, this mattress is well suited for allergy sufferers. Durability: A high-quality polyurethane foam mattress can easily last up to ten years.

Back support: The point-elastic cold foam mattress adapts optimally to the human body. As heavy body parts sink deeper, the spine remains straight. This prevents back pain. The body is well supported during sleep because the elastic material adapts well to any lying position.

Silence: If the sleeper moves from one position to the other, the cold foam mattress does not make any noise. This is especially interesting for those who sleep rather restless.

Price / Performance: A good cold foam mattress is already available at a reasonable price-performance ratio. Thanks to the high demand, they are manufactured industrially and offer a good sleeping comfort. The cold foam mattress is found at very cheap prices so that you do not have any problems in buying it and you can easily buy a cold foam mattress. Do not miss to visit our mattress sales section for the best deal.

In which sizes are cold foam mattresses available?

Singles: For every bed size there is the matching cold foam mattress in the dimensions 90×200 cm or 100×200 cm. Since many singles like to sleep in wider beds, there is the cold foam mattress in the dimensions 120×200 cm or 140×120 cm. These beds offer a wide range of comfort but are not quite as wide as a standard double bed for couples.

Couples: The cold foam mattress in the dimensions 200×200 cm or 180×200 cm is intended for use in double beds. For those who do not have enough space for a bed in the bedroom and prefer to snuggle up to their partner, there is a cold foam mattress measuring 160×200 cm or 140×200 cm. Couples are very beneficial using cold foam mattress. They are also useful for sex.

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